HMAS Tobruk Diving Moorings Design

HMAS Tobruk Diving Moorings Design
HMAS Tobruk Diving Moorings Design

InterMoor Australia, based in Perth, has designed 6 diving moorings for a new diving site within the Great Sandy Marine Park.
The ex-HMAS Tobruk will be scuttled in Hervey Bay creating a world class diving site. The Tobruk will soon be set on the seabed with her topmost point only a few metres below the surface. There will be ample interesting sections for the beginner, intermediate and advanced divers to feel comfortable and challenged.

InterMoor’s demonstrated experience and engineering capacity in the design of inshore moorings has been fundamental in allowing the installation contractor to win this job.
The team provided a comprehensive design, report, equipment list and general arrangement drawings that are all RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland) approved. InterMoor will also design the load test procedures and witness the test on site.
The design incorporates the requirements of the Department of Environment and Science of the Queensland Government.
InterMoor’s Australia Country Manager, Gavin Crossan, remarked: “InterMoor in Australia offers a huge range of services around mooring needs. This type of work may be considered small by some, but it requires an experienced design and operations team to execute the work correctly. We are happy to have contributed to the safe enjoyment of such an iconic site for many divers in the years to come”.

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