InterMoor’s Top 10 Projects of 2016


1.    Malikai TLP Float-off

InterMoor Pte was responsible for the marine aspects of the float-off and tow of Shell’s Malikai TLP through the Johor Straits into the Singapore Straits and to a float-off location for various nearshore commissioning tasks to be performed, prior to return to the shipyard. The work scope also included engineering analysis and procedures, project management for the nearshore operations, management of chartered vessels, provision of offshore personnel and various ancillary services.

More details here.

malikai-tlp-loaded-aboard-the-dockwise-hlv-white-marlin22.    Turritella FPSO installation

InterMoor completed the final tensioning and chain cutting operations on the host FPSO vessel for the Shell owned and operated Stones project, located in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM).

InterMoor also provided the following services for Shell:
– Provision of Tow Masters on-board the FPSO,
– BTM buoy clump weight rigging removal,
– Dock and equipment support to heading control tugs,
– FPSO heading control steering lines design, procurement and offshore installation,
– Dive-Support Vessel mooring design, procurement and offshore support for hook-up and disconnection.

More details here.


3.    Sugar Loaf Cable Car Wire Inspection

Ahead of the Olympics, the InterMoor do Brasil team carried out the inspection work on the wires that support the cable car going up the 396 meters (1,299ft.) of the Sugar Loaf peak, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


4.    Drillship Cold Stacking

InterMoor has helped rig owners weather the current oil industry climate, with an innovative cold stacking process. The tri-leg mooring system allows a DP drillship to be parked in less than 48 hours. The team cold stacked three drillships in Trinidad in 2016.


5.    Suction Pile fabrication for Shell’s Stones project

InterMoor’s facility in Morgan City, Louisiana, fabricated its largest suction pile to date for the Shell owned and operated Stones project. At 32 feet diameter and 50 feet long, this ALM pile will weigh over 200 tonnes and will be one of the largest ever installed in the Gulf of Mexico.


6.    OSX-1 FPSO Turret Disconnection

InterMoor do Brasil played an important role in the decommissioning operations of the OSX-1 Floating Production System and Offloading (FPSO). The team was responsible for the disconnection of the Submerged Turret Production System (STP) to allow the vessel to navigate to its final destination. Services included engineering, survey, operation risk management and provision of personnel.

More details here


7.    FPSO Mooring Line Replacement

Replacement of nine (9) mooring lines on an FPSO offshore West Africa.
The project is yet another one to add to the long list of mooring system integrity management / mooring line inspection and repair jobs that InterMoor has performed over the years.

Significant outcomes of the project included:
–    During the work, the FPSO remained connected and in service.
–    The project was completed ahead of schedule, with no incidents or accidents.
–    The work was performed from an Anchor Handling Vessel, providing a cheaper solution than a larger construction vessel


8.    Global Producer III Mooring Line Inspection

InterMoor UK were contracted by Maersk Oil North Sea UK Ltd. to perform a 5 yearly inspection of the mooring lines for the Global Producer III in accordance with DNV rules.  The work scope included:

  • Recovery and inspection of 2 x mooring lines on the AHV for full inspection
  • Subsea cleaning and inspection of connecting links on all mooring lines
  • Riser buoyancy module slip inspection

The operation was successfully carried out with no incidents allowing the FPSO to stay in production throughout.


9.    Northern Producer Line Changeout and Inspection

InterMoor UK were contracted by EnQuest / Northern Offshore to perform an inspection of the mooring system for the Northern Producer FPU and the replacement of two top chains and 190m of fibre rope sections on each of the eight mooring lines.  The new fibre ropes and connecting links were supplied by InterMoor on behalf of Northern Offshore and the offshore operations for the replacement and inspection works were performed by InterMoor on behalf of EnQuest.  The work scope included:

  • Recovery of the moorings to the back deck of the AHV (excluding anchors)
  • Full inspection of the mooring chain and components on the back deck
  • Replacement of top chain on two lines and end for end on remaining six lines
  • Removal and replacement of 190m x 160mm polyester sections on all mooring lines
  • Chain twist removal

The operation was successfully carried out with no incidents allowing the FPU to stay in production throughout.


10. Kraken Mooring Rectification Works

InterMoor were contracted by Enquest to provide technical support, consultancy and offshore manning for the mooring rectification works on the STP buoy for the Kraken field.  The job was completed in conjunction with Ocean Installer and Acteon sister companies MENCK and LM Handling.  The work scope included:

  • Completion of the mooring installation for one of the mooring lines previously abandoned during a previous installation campaign
  • Installation of a new pile anchor and ground chain
  • Subsea cut and repositioning of existing mooring line and connection to new anchor pile




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