Myth buster – 12 projects InterMoor worked on, that have nothing to do with mooring

We at InterMoor are pros at mooring, but we also do a lot of other things that have nothing to do with mooring.

We build on our strong offshore experience and oil & gas industry knowledge to provide foundation design and fabrication, subsea installation and recovery and several other services.
Read on and see that we do much more than just mooring!

1. 2015 MWCC Marine Well Containment System – Engineering and Fabrication of MWCC Umbilical Turning Point Structure

MWCC Umbilical 1

A group of major offshore operators (Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil and Shell) joined forces in a not-for-profit organization, the Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) to develop, maintain and operate a containment system named the Marine Well Containment System (MWCS). The MWCS will allow for rapid deployment into deepwater GOM in the case of a subsea well blowout. The primary objective of the system is to fully contain the oil with no flow to the sea.

InterMoor provided the engineering design and fabrication of the Umbilical Turning Point Structure.


2. 2015 DOF Subsea Jumper fabrication

Jumper Fabrication 2

InterMoor’s facility in Morgan City, Louisiana fabricated, fitted and welded jumper kit sections according to a post metrology survey. The Rigid Jumper will connect a Subsea Tree to an existing PLET.


3. 2015 Chevron Brazil Port Açu Logistics Operations

2015 Chevron - InterMoor Mooring Services

InterMoor do Brasil provided loading and offloading operations of several containers and supply shipments for the FPSO FRADE for Chevron off their base in Port Açu.


4. 2015 Anadarko Boomvang Spar Riser Disconnect

Boomvang Superriser - InterMoor Mooring Services

InterMoor was part of a team that disconnected and laid down 3 risers and 1 umbilical off the Boomvang spar. The Boomvang spar continues to produce today after achieving first production in 2002 in East Breaks Block 643 in the Gulf of Mexico.

An InterMoor crew of about a dozen, working together with a separate team on board the spar, successfully completed the scope of work from an anchor-handling vessel in 3,472 ft. of water.

5. 2014 Anadarko Red Hawk spar hull ballasting and deballasting prior to towing

Anadarko Deballasting 5
Prior to towing the disconnected spar, InterMoor took care of key ballasting activities: Ballast spar down for topsides lift (Provisional and variable), remove water from provisional tanks, and pump air into variable ballast tanks. Three distinct systems were required on both the DB 50 barge and the spar to facilitate the above: air ballast/de-ballast system, water ballast system, water de-ballast system. Procuring, installing and managing these systems was a new skill InterMoor added to its list.

6. 2013 Oceaneering Sleepers and Magazines Fabrication for the Cardamom site

2013 Oceaneering - Mooring

Our fabrication facility in Morgan City, Louisiana is known for the many suction piles that come out of it but our team manufactures many other contraptions, like the 20 sleepers and 5 magazines for Oceaneering on behalf of Shell Cardamom oil and gas field.

7. 2013 Apache MC 148 Overboard, wet transfer, deployment and recovery of IRIS
Apache 2013 - InterMoor Mooring

InterMoor completed an installation and recovery project for Apache in Mississippi Canyon Block 148, Well 5 in the Gulf of Mexico. The work scope included the overboard, wet transfer, deployment and recovery of a 30-ton interchangeable riserless intervention system (IRIS) owned by Blue Ocean Technologies. InterMoor delivered the project using its compensated anchor handler subsea installation system (CASIM) which reduces heave motions relative to vessel motions.


8. 2012 Petrobras Well conductor fabrication and installation – Papa Terra, Brazil           Petrobas 8

InterMoor fabricated 17 well conductors [36” OD x 193.6 ft (59 m)]. InterMoor also designed and fabricated 5 x 35-ton templates, each to guide 3 conductors. The installation of the 15 conductors (2 spares) was done in batch sets in one field visit in 1,200m of water offshore Brazil. InterMoor used their patented conductor installation method – see the video here.

9. 2012 Shell ALM conductor fabrication and installation for BC-10 Phase 2, Brazil

           2012 ALM conductor 9 InterMoor pre-installed one ALM Spacer Template (tight tolerances). InterMoor also fabricated and installed 5 x 48in. (1.2m) OD ALM conductors in 5,577ft. of water offshore Brazil. The conductors were installed by driving them to the desired penetration with a MENCK built Deepwater Subsea Hydraulic Hammer Spread.

10. 2011 LLOG Subsea Tree Installation   

Subsea Tree Insallation 10

InterMoor was responsible for the installation of two subsea trees at the Mississippi Canyon (MC) Block 199, in the Gulf of Mexico  in 2,460 ft. of water. The trees each weighed 90 kips (45 tons).

11. 2011 Chevron Replacement  of Electrical Equipment for Kuito C

Kuito 11

InterMoor was responsible for the planning and execution of the installation of new umbilical, UTA, EDU and EFL’s. The installation took place in Angola in water depths of 384 m to 405 m (1,260 ft –1,330 ft). Sister company Aquatic provided the powered reel drive system.

12. 2011 Cameron Jack St Malo Suction Piles

Jack St Malo Suction Piles 12

InterMoor designed and fabricated eleven (11) manifold piles for the Jack St Malo deepwater project: Dimensions were:
– 18 ft. Ø x 55 ft. long
– 18 ft. Ø x 75 ft. long


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